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Women in Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Institute, APICS, and Deloitte surveyed 600+ women in manufacturing and conducted 20 manufacturing executive interviews exploring how manufacturing companies are attracting, recruiting, and retaining women, to close the gender gap.

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APICS is the global professional association for supply chain management.  We are a non-profit organization providing training, workshops, certification and networking opportunities to help you find and enhance your Supply Chain Management career.

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Since 1982, Supply Chain and Operations Management professionals like you have relied on APICS Ottawa Chapter as the leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in the industry. Our focus includes superior training, internationally-recognized certifications, and comprehensive educational resources in the areas of production, inventory and materials management, purchasing, logistics, and more.  With a regional focus on the Ottawa Valley, we make sure that the content we provide through this site, in our meetings, and through our educational offerings is meaningful to you.