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   APICS Ottawa is growing and looking for resourceful & energetic individuals.   
   We can pair our Supply Chain experience with your functional expertise.
   Expand your network, professional development & give back to your community. 


Community Outreach - 
Builds and maintains a healthy external network

  • Attend PDMs (professional development meetings)
  • Liaise with local universities and colleges
  • Liaise with local business and government to create brand awareness
  • Seek new members & education opportunities

VP Marketing - Accountable for the building, maintaining and evolution of the Chapter's brand

  • Maintain & oversees the execution of the 3-5 year marketing plan
  • Actively promote the chapter through local business journals and public media
  • Identify current and potential customer needs
  • Publicize chapter activities

Director Marketing - Promotes the Chapter various events

  • Manage chapter website
  • Ensure cohesive up to date social media messaging
  • Manage chapter social media - LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Attend PDMs (professional development meetings)
  • Advise on function-specific best practices
  • Facilitate and encourage social media activity
  • Report on past events via social media

Preferrence to current Chapter members

Bloggers -
Social media contributors


Director Membership - Executes the membership support effort

  • Establish relationships with new and transient members 
  • Welcome new members
  • Communicate with members to understand their needs and engagement
  • Follow up with members who have let their membership lapse
  • Assist with campaigns to look for persons of interest from social media accounts

Preferrence to current Chapter members


Operations Manager - Record keeper and maestro of Board Meetings

  • Arrange all board meetings - co-ordinate dates, ensure attendees are aware of date, time, venue
  • Assist the President in coordinating and directing chapter operations
  • Prepare agenda for board meetings
  • Lead the Board of Directors meetings to ensure we are on topic and on time
  • Take meeting minutes, noting key decisions
  • Send meeting minutes
  • Maintain Google Drive records management
  • Manage list of current BOD contact list

Preferrence to current Chapter members

Teachers - Solidify your knowledge and build the community of professionals.

  • APICS has a solid teacher training program in place for certification holders.

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How to apply?

Thank you for your interest to become APICS volunteer.  Send us a message on the contact us page or send email to [email protected]