10 Opportunities in Shipping and Receiving


#17 Arrange to receive ASNs

Advanced shipment notifications (ASNs) will make your receiving team's life easier if your EDI set up with suppliers is made properly.

They will enable you to receive information about your products and quantities shipped before they have reached your warehouse provided that your supplier's and your warehouse management systems allow pallet identifiers.

Once your supplier ships, an automated message will be triggered towards your system so that when the product arrives at your warehousing location and the bar code of the pallet is scanned, your system “knows” what is included in the pallet by making the receiving process way more efficient and less time-consuming.

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Inventory Optimization

10 Opportunities in Shipping and Receiving73 ways to reduce your Supply Chain Inventory making your organization more profitable and your customers happier

Source: BMS Associates - Ben Schlussel, 2017

About the Author

Being in a manufacturing, assembling, distribution or repair service function- the inventory mix is the trade-off between smooth operations supporting high service levels and frozen capital accompanied by increased carrying costs. The solution is obvious- inventory optimization.

To achieve this goal, we will be exploring opportunities in Procurement, Shipping and Receiving, Storage, and Production as well as in the planning and inventory transactions.

16 Opportunities in Procurement

10 Opportunities in Shipping and Receiving



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