Bimodal Supply Chain explained

Posted by lorimccluskey on Jan. 31, 2017  /   0

Here is an excerpt:

Doing the same old things won’t yield new results. It’s time to do things differently.

The key is running two modes within your supply chain simultaneously. Mode one focuses on maintaining the status quo and managing day-to-day operations. It seeks to reduce overall cost structure. Mode two is all about breakthrough innovations and what’s needed to break into new markets and launch cutting-edge solutions. It focuses on experimentation and driving revolutionary changes in how supply chains adapt to new risks and opportunities.

Both modes have value, but you need them independent from one another to achieve success. Innovative new digital initiatives need to run alongside the traditional analog business. You can’t just segregate innovation to an occasional brainstorming meeting. It needs a more significant commitment and requires an investment in new talent, processes and technology.


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