How to Maintain Your APICS Certification

Earn maintenance points with APICS Ottawa Chapter
The APICS Certification Maintenance program allows requirements to be met through multiple sources, including chapter membership and enrollment in supply chain related training and professional development activities. Attending APICS Ottawa Chapter events can count towards your professional development points.
Maintaining your certification is easy, and you can submit your maintenance application at any point during your maintenance cycle. Read the APICS Maintenance Handbook to ensure that you are familiar with maintenance program policies and procedures prior to submitting your application.

How the Certification Maintenance program works

Every 5 years since earning a certification, 75 points are required to be submitted to maintain the certification. Points earned can be claimed for multiple certifications.

How to Earn Points

ASCM Membership
ASCM PLUS members and CORE members earn 6 points per year.
Conferences, Seminars, Instructor-Led Training, Workshops and Online Events
Earn 1 point per hour of attending supply chain and operations management conferences, seminars and workshops.
Eligible and Ineligible Activities
The APICS website provides more guidance on which activities are eligible activities and which are ineligible activities.
APICS certification exams passed
(initial exams passed to earn certification are not eligible)
20 points per exam; Legacy CPIM exams (BSCM, DSP, ECO, MPR and SMR) earn 10 points each
Completion of APICS certification learning system with 80% score or higher score, post-assessment 30 points per learning system
APICS endorsement exams passed 10 points per exam
College/University course Credit hours x number of weeks
Education or training programs (work-sponsored, etc.) Either taken or taught 1 point per hour - Taken
2 points per hour - Taught
APICS conference attendance (International, S&OP etc.) 8 pts per day / 3-day max
Professional development meetings, webinars, workshops, seminars, tours, or non-APICS educational conferences relevant to certification. Either taken or taught 1 point per hour - Taken
2 points per hour - Taught
APICS home-study courses such as MGI and Accenture, and/or online courses that do not award Continuing Education credits or provide timed instruction 3 points per course
Reading relevant books (200-page minimum) or full articles 5 points per book, ½ point per article
Professional organizational membership 6 points per year for APICS
2 points per year for other industry-related organizations
Relevant project management work (requires signed charter with name listed as project leader) Under 100 hrs. = 2 points
100-499 hrs. = 5 points
500 plus hrs. = 10 points
Writing relevant books or articles (includes research time) 40 points per book, 5 points per article (divided by number of authors)
APICS formal mentorship program 2 points per year per mentee
Holding an APICS position such as governing board member. Chapter or channel partner officer, or APICS operational/functional committee member or Chair 5 points per year per position
APICS HQ volunteer work (Completion letter issued by APICS HQ) 1 point per hour


To Maintain your APICS Certification, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Log in to your ASCM account

  2. Access the online maintenance application (the application is accessible beginning 30 days after you initially obtain certification)

  3. Choose the designation you need to maintain

  4. Fill in the number of points you have earned in each category

  5. Pay the fee and submit the application


For more information, please visit the APICS Certification Maintenance website.