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How Better Conversations Lead to Better Outcomes


September 17, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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How Better Conversations Lead to Better Outcomes

How Better Conversations Lead to Better Outcomes

Did you know that according to a Stanford University study, nine conversations out of ten miss their mark? Yes! Only 10% of what you express is understood exactly as you meant it. While we don’t always perceive it, we have all lived through difficult situations:

  • A conflict where others interpret our words out of context and our intention is misunderstood.

  • Being interrupted, ignored or excluded from a conversation when we are a stakeholder.

  • Turf wars, when being right takes precedence over common sense.

In this fun interactive session, we will explore some of the filters that prevent us from being completely “in-sync” with one another, as well as areas where you can pay more attention to ensure more productive conversations.

Our speaker:
Nadine Fortin, PCC, P.Eng., PMP
Nadine Fortin believes that everyone wants to feel as they are making a contribution. She helps leaders express their aspirations and turn them into bold projects to create a future where they can have an impact. Nadine is an executive coach with an atypical career journey, which has enabled her to develop her leadership, her interpersonal skills and her technical skills. She started her career as an Aerospace Engineering Officer (AERE) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, spent a dozen years in the hi-tech industry before making a name for herself as an executive coach and coach-trainer over the past 15 years. She has coached and trained thousands of professional coaches, leaders and project managers. Nadine works with leaders from Europe, North Africa, Asia, and the Americas, and is a recognized international speaker.


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