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Career Reinvention in Times of Continual Disruption


December 03, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Career Reinvention in Times of Continual Disruption

Career Reinvention in Times of Continual Disruption

COVID-19 has changed everything. As we continue to reopen our economies, it’s clear that many things about work, employment and our career opportunities have changed - quite possibly forever. This means that for all of us, proactive career reinvention is inevitable and the sooner we start, the better our opportunities will be.

In this webinar, our speaker will lay out all the steps to follow for your own career reinvention. We're going to cover:

  • Why it’s critical to begin thinking through your career reinvention now

  • How to quickly figure out your own "superpower" (yes, you absolutely have one!)

  • How to improve your chances of finding purposeful work by staying away from job boards

  • How to re-frame networking so it's easy and comfortable (maybe even fun...?)

  • And a whole lot of other stuff, all designed to help you do the work you love for people that value you and compensate you very well

This webinar will help you understand exactly WHY starting your career reinvention NOW is of paramount importance for almost all of us.

Our speaker:

Tim Ragan
Tim Ragan, Business Engineer

Tim is on a mission to help people develop dramatically better “career reinvention” skills to survive and thrive in our modern times.

His first career was as an employee completing a (mostly) fulfilling 20 successful and action-packed years in the high technology sector. As a constant “career re-inventor”, in those 20 years, Tim served in 11 vastly different management and executive roles – spanning development, operations, product management, channels, marketing, quality and business unit management – in 4 global companies, including as CEO of a tech startup. Tim then left the employee-world and re-invented himself as an independent -- a "free agent", in his words. Over many years as a strategy consultant & process guru, Tim worked closely with dozens of leadership teams and has been involved with 97 unique business and organizational projects, and counting.

Tim is an electrical engineer and has an MBA, with a deep technical and business appreciation of our modern turbulent work world. And with 35 years of deep business experience and personal career re-invention under his belt, he knows firsthand what it takes to survive and thrive in our modern working times.


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